'Clearing the Smoke': The Benefits, Limits of Medical Marijuana

'Clearing the Smoke': The Benefits, Limits of Medical Marijuana

This is one of the most convincing and powerful documentaries clearly showing the uses and benefits of cannabis as medicine. People in this video are real and provide proof marijuana can provide help to patients for various conditions in various ways.

Please take a moment and educate yourself whether pro or con marijuana as medicine. This is a very well made documentary thanks to PBS for doing such honest important work.

Medical Marijuana Trade Shaken by Crackdown

An intensifying federal crackdown on growers and sellers of state-authorized medical marijuana has badly shaken the billion-dollar industry, which has sprung up in California since voters approved medical use of the drug in 1996, and has highlighted the stark contradiction between federal and state policies.


Napa Medical Pot Decision Pushed to Oct. 2012

The city of Napa will have until at least October 2012 to figure out what to do with its now suspended medical marijuana ordinance, one that will likely never see the light of day as it’s currently written.
During a special meeting Wednesday evening, the council unanimously voted to extend the 45-day emergency moratorium it enacted in October after a state appellate court overturned a medical marijuana ordinance in Long Beach that was similar to Napa’s law. Over the next 10 months, staff will look for a way the city can rework its ordinance to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within city limits while still complying with state and federal laws.

L.A. Sues To Force Pot Dispensaries To Close

Los Angeles has sued nine medical marijuana dispensaries to force them to close immediately and permanently, even as more boldly open throughout the city, often in prominent locations.
With hundreds of dispensaries in L.A., City Atty. Carmen Trutanich decided to target those within 600 feet of a school, a violation of state law. The city is seeking civil penalties of up to $5,000 a day if the dispensaries defy the lawsuits and remain open.