Stopped By Police #17

While coming home on my bike (Santa Monica GT) I was stopped by a patrol car. I was asked if I was on probation I said no. The officer then asked if I used to be on probation I said yes but I had been off for over a year.
 He asked if I was still using I said, "what weed?" He asked if I used anything else. I said weed, I have a card for it.
He asked my name I told him that and that I was almost home.
He told ok then you can go.
I said thank you sir and I was on my way once again. 
I passed a Sheriff and another patrol car before seeing the unit that ultimately stopped me. 
Clearly all this officer remembered about me was being on probation and hopefully open to search and seizure. He also made an inaccurate accusation which has no explanation other than perhaps confusion.
Why can't they remember the 16 other times I've been stopped and been found to be doing nothing wrong. The officer was respectful but how much better could they perform their duties with knowledge of and support by the citizens of the city they serve.