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Oaksterdam Pledges To Re-Open After Raid

After federal agents swept across a formerly down-on-its-luck area of downtown Oakland, raiding the businesses owned by ganjapreneur Richard Lee which had revitalized the community, officials connected with Lee's flagship Oaksterdam University vowed the cannabis college would reopen on Wednesday.


Oaksterdam Rain in Progress by Feds

Oaksterdam University in Oakland in currently being raided by DEA, IRS, and other agencies. I'll post more info as it becomes available.

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Vallejo Police Snitched To Feds About Greenwell Cooperative

Wow! The Vallejo police department, DEA, State Equalization Tax Board and other agencies really fucked up when they raided Greenwell Cooperative in Vallejo last Tuesday.

They also arrested Greenwell's founder and owner Matt Shotwell. Twice. Ya the VPD had to rearrest Shotwell because their fucking idiots and had a clerical error the first time. Yeah I said it.