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Legalization's Secret Weopon

I realized two years ago that not a single national cannabis legalization organization was reaching out to educate the voting public. A few do valuable lobbying, others provide news and information to those folks who are already supporters, and when invited, organizations like NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) present our case in public debate.


Colorado Bill To Legalize and Regulate Marijuana Qualifies For Ballot

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler approved a state ballot initiative Monday to legalize and regulate the use of marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. Voters will decide Nov. 6 whether the measure becomes law.
“This could be a watershed year in the decades-long struggle to end marijuana prohibition in this country,” said Art Way, Colorado manager of the Drug Policy Alliance in a statement Monday. “Marijuana prohibition is counterproductive to the health and public safety of our communities. It fuels a massive, increasingly brutal underground economy, wastes billions of dollars in scarce law enforcement resources, and makes criminals out of millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens.”


Legal Recreational Marijuana: Not So Far Out

The drive to legalize marijuana has long been a fringe cause, associated with hard-core libertarians and college-age stoners. But it could go mainstream in a big way in this November’s election, when Washington could become the first state to legalize recreational pot use. If it does — or if voters in any of several other states do — this year could be a turning point in the nation’s treatment of marijuana.


Attorney Claims Congress OKs Medical Marijuana Everywhere With DC Rules

If one prominent attorney is right about the legal ramifications of the District of Columbia's marijuana law -- specifically, that it was approved by the U.S. Congress -- then it could be a game-changer nationwide.

D.C.'s medical marijuana law was the first time that the United States Congress had ever given its explicit assent to any state or local law that permits the medicinal use of marijuana -- and, according to a California attorney who specializes in health care compliance, that is enormously significant under the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.


Mississippi Senator Pushes To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Mississippi state Senator Deborah Dawkins: "I think most people want their doctors to help them make their own decisions"

Senator Deborah Dawkins of Pass Christian, Mississippi, for the fourth year in a row, is submitting another proposal to legalize medical marijuana in the Magnolia State.


How Can Marijuana Be So Misunderstood?

I recently met someone who is absolutely 100% against marijuana use and she also believes that this plant has zero medical value. She has been taught her whole life that this is an addicting, dangerous drug. She has never tried cannabis but does have people in her life who are "stoners."
Never have I met someone so viahmently against marijuana. She is even in the health industry. I can tell I will never be able to change her mind about marijuana.
I created this site to try to change peoples thoughts and feelings about cannabis. But the propaganda that has been used against pot and it's users has worked for the establishment. They have convinced so many people that weed is horribly bad.