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Why is the Obama Administration Suddenly Fixated on Stomping out Medical Marijuana?

At the same time public support for marijuana legalization reached record highs, Obama shifted from one time medicinal cannabis sympathizer to White House weed-whacker.
Broken promises are nothing new in Washington, DC. Yet even by the Beltway’s jaded standards, President Obama’s role reversal from one time medicinal cannabis sympathizer to White House weed-whacker is remarkable.
Indeed, the man who once pledged on the campaign trail that he was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue,” has – since taking the Presidential oaths of office – done virtually everything in his administration’s power to do precisely that. Yet he's taken these steps at the very time that a record number of Americans, including 57 percent of democrats and a whopping 69 percent of self-described liberals, endorse doing just the opposite. Nonetheless, in recent months, the Obama administration – via a virtual alphabet soup of federal agencies – has launched an unprecedented series of attacks against medical cannabis patients, providers, and in some cases even their advocates.


Obama Ignores Medical Marijuana During Google+ Hangout

President Barack Obama again turned to social media to connect with voters -- and again he used it to ignore talking pot.

You might have noticed that every time President Obama takes to the series of interactive intertubes, the unwashed masses want to talk, not taxes, and not turkey, but the good herb. Last year, POTUS employed YouTube and Twitter to walk among the people, and on Monday, Obama connected with his fellow Americans using "Hangout" on Google+.

Just like the last two times, viewers/voters submitted questions to the president for consideration via YouTube. And just like the last two times, a question about marijuana legalization was the top draw.

And, just like the last time, the question from a retired cop about failed drug policy and a reexamination of law enforcement priorities was not forwarded to the president.

Yet again, Obama is blameless: The White House says Google+ moderators selected the questions.