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Federal Legislation Introduced to End Asset Forfeiture Against Medical Cannabis Providers

Action Alert

Take Action Federal Legislation Introduced to End Asset Forfeiture Against Medical Cannabis Providers

Legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives that aims to end the federal government's use of asset forfeiture to sanction those who produce or dispense marijuana in states that have legalized its therapeutic use.

Petaluma drops bid to regulate indoor grow sites

 Medical marijuana pot weed 420 grow cannabis hash kush

Despite indoor marijuana-growing operations having been the source of numerous local fires in recent years, city efforts to create an ordinance regulating these gardens have died due to the ongoing conflict between state and federal law.
While the state of California allows the use of medicinal marijuana and the cultivation of the plant, the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. Because of this, public safety officials have realized that regulating marijuana cultivation is not currently possible, Janelle Wetzstein reports in the Argus-Courier.


Upcoming Evaluation of Oakland 420 Evaluations

Rating of Oakland 420 Evaluations cannabis doctors

Trying to find a trustworthy, reputable, economical doctor in the Bay Area for an MMJ recommendation is pretty tough.


Legalization's Secret Weopon

I realized two years ago that not a single national cannabis legalization organization was reaching out to educate the voting public. A few do valuable lobbying, others provide news and information to those folks who are already supporters, and when invited, organizations like NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) present our case in public debate.


Medical Marijuana Given To 3 Year Old Patient

Marijuana was the best medicine for 3-year-old Cash Hyde of Missoula, Mont. At least that's what his parents, Mike and Kalli Hyde, believe.


Cannabidiol (CBD) Explained

Marijuana Science – Cannabidiol (CBD)

Chances are if you consume marijuana, then you are familiar with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). ¬†But are you familiar with¬†CBD (cannabidiol)? ¬†If you don’t know about cannabidiol, I can’t blame you. ¬†Ever since the private sector picked up marijuana research, marijuana science information has been coming out at a neck-breaking pace. ¬†Below is a great article that I read on Toke of the Town’s site that gives the breakdown:

“Other” Compound In Marijuana Shows Promise Fighting Cancer


Medical Marijuana Crackdown Explained-There Doing It To Save The Children

Melinda Haag finally gave us a reason for the federal crackdown on medical marijuana. The United States Attorney for Northern California broke her media near-silence last week week, granting an extensive, exclusive interview to KQED in which Haag sought to explain the Justice Department's crackdown on medical marijuana.


Amador County Lifts Ban On MMJ Growing

JACKSON - Amador County medical-marijuana patients will be able to grow their medicine in outdoor gardens this year, although those plots will be smaller than they had hoped.


Letter From A Patient of Raided Greenwell Cooperative

I am so upset with the City of Vallejo and how they have their priorities all messed up. I have a medical marijuana card due to many problems -- brain tumor, degenerative osteoarthritis with multiple surgeries, and other issues. My husband and I tried multiple times to grow our own only to be repeatedly robbed.

43% Of Marijuana Patients Say Organic Cannabis Is Essential

panama red DSCN4597.jpg
No Longer Sad
This fine cola of Panama Red was grown organically in a greenhouse in Washington state.
Don't be afraid to ask for organic marijuana -- you have plenty of company. According to a new research study, twice as many medicinal cannabis patients said organic marijuana -- not discount pricing -- is their most critical consideration when selecting a dispensary.

Rhode Island Gov., Legislature Agree Marijuana Dispensaries

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and the Legislature on Thursday agreed to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the state after negotiating a compromise. Chafee had blocked the dispensaries from opening, fearing they would violate federal law and result in DEA raids in the state.

Three dispensaries already picked by the state to distribute medicinal cannabis could open soon after the General Assembly endorses the compromise, reports the Associated Press.

Worth Repeating: Marijuana and the Psychology of Optimal Experience

By Ron Marczyk, R.N.
Health Education Teacher (Retired)

The reductionist, "group think," cold, dogmatic drug warriors of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the DEA, and the FDA have been digesting their own misinformation for so long they have lost their humanity. 

As counterintuitive as it sounds, the" high" or "feel good" buzz from marijuana is an actual "therapeutic effect" that heals the brain, produces homeostasis and prevents many neurodegenerative conditions.

Brain homeostasis is restored by the direct action of THC/CBD-activating CB1 receptors in the amygdala which regulate our "happiness / emotional salience module." This pathway is dedicated to seeking for "meaningfulness" in our existence.


Vallejo Police Snitched To Feds About Greenwell Cooperative

Wow! The Vallejo police department, DEA, State Equalization Tax Board and other agencies really fucked up when they raided Greenwell Cooperative in Vallejo last Tuesday.

They also arrested Greenwell's founder and owner Matt Shotwell. Twice. Ya the VPD had to rearrest Shotwell because their fucking idiots and had a clerical error the first time. Yeah I said it.

Feds Arrest Owner of My Favorite Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Matt Shotwell, preprietor of Greenwell Cooperative in Vallejo, is escorted to a Vallejo police car by Cpl. Rich Bottello, right, and Officer Felipe Hernandez as he is transported to the Solano County Jail in Fairfield Tuesday night. The marijuana dispensary was raided Tuesday morning by Vallejo, county, state and federal agencies. (Mike Jory/Times-Herald)


My Thoughts On Medical Marijuana

I've spent many countless hours the past year or so combing medical and scientific data on anything and everything marijuana. Both pro and con.

The knowledge I've acquired about the benefits of cannabis has totally blown my mind. This plant is the safest option in our Pharmocopia, in respect to adverse side effects, or any side effects of serious concern if vaporized rather than smoked.


Marijuana may block Alzheimer's

The active ingredient in marijuana may stall decline from Alzheimer's disease, research suggests.
Scientists showed a synthetic version of the compound may reduce inflammation associated with Alzheimer's and thus help to prevent mental decline.
They hope the cannabinoid may be used to developed new drug therapies.
The research, by Madrid's Complutense University and the Cajal Institute, is published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

We would warn the public against taking marijuana as a way of preventing Alzheimer's
Dr Susanne Sorensen
The scientists first compared the brain tissue of patients who died from Alzheimer's disease with that of healthy people who had died at a similar age.


Group Intends To Inform Public Of Obama's Hostility Toward Medical Marijuana

The Patient Voter Project is distributing postcard flyers to dispensaries around the state (front of the flyer is reproduced above)

Leaders of a broad coalition of national and Colorado-based marijuana advocacy organizations held a press conference in Denver on Thursday to announce the launch of the Patient Voter Project. Its mission is to shine a light on the Obama Administration's behavior in the state and to keep medical cannabis patients, their families, and their supporters in the state up-to-date about the latest hostile actions being carried out by the feds.


Watch Out For Medical Marijuana Scams

With all the money up for grabs in the MMJ industry it didn't surprise me today to learn of a scam used by at least one website. misleads people by offering "an online medical marijuana evaluation" for only $20. They make the evaluation sound just like a doctor's recommendation which it is not. The evaluation they give you will not allow you to purchase cannabis from a dispensary, being that it is not a recommendation or a State issued MMJ card.

Struggling Cities Turn To a Crop for Cash

Oakland, Calif. -- As the stubborn economic downturn has forced this city to take painful steps to balance its budget in recent years, it has increasingly turned to one of its newer industries to raise much-needed revenues: medical marijuana dispensaries.