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Vallejo Cops Return 60 Pounds of Weed To Two Diapensaries Because They Are Stupid

Police Return 60 Pounds Of Medical Marijuana To Two Exonerated Vallejo Dispensaries

Selling cannabis on a not for profit basis thru a collective/store front dispensary has been legal in Cali for quite awhile now guys learn the fucking laws before you start arresting people. And listen to what your city wants, the citizens are OK with pot clubs. Damn.


Two more operators of medical marijuana clinics in Vallejo enter not guilty pleas

FAIRFIELD -- Two more Vallejo medical marijuana dispensary operators appeared in court Tuesday as part of the city's and district attorney's ongoing crackdown on pot shops.
David Garcia-Flores, 24, of Fairfield, and Douglas Hernandez, 25, of Vallejo, both pleaded not guilty to numerous state drug charges. They entered their pleas separately in front of Solano County Supreme Court Commissioner William J. Pendergast.



Vallejo Police Ignore State Law Close 2nd Dispensary

A second Vallejo pot club has been shut down in what police now say is an ongoing crackdown on the city's 20 or more storefront dispensaries.

Update on Greenwell Collective and Matt Shotwell

Just a quick review: On the morning of February 21, 2012 the Vallejo Police Department, in conjunction with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), Solano County Narcotics division and the California State Board of Equalization arrested the owner of the Greenwell Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Marin St. in downtown Vallejo. Up until that point Matt Shotwell had seemingly played by the rules.