Been Busy

Sorry everybody been busy helping a new delivery service in Napa get started.
This guy has the worlds best hash brownies, nay the worlds best medibles overall. I ate one and was fully medicated for over 8 hours. No joke.
Anyhow lots of news and new posts to come so check back for q contest with winner gettint q batch of these brownies.


New Mexico State Employee Fired For Legally Using Medical Marijuana

A state employee in New Mexico -- where medical marijuana is legal -- says she was fired after a drug test showed she had been using cannabis, under a doctor's orders, to treat post traumatic stress disorder.

The woman told reporters she had never reported for work impaired, and "was just looking for relief," reports Stephen C. Webster at The Raw Story.

"I just wanted to be able to get up and live my life the way I used to," she said.

Denver Bans Medical Marijuana Advertising Outdoors

The Denver City Council on Monday approved a ban on all outdoor medical marijuana advertising in the Mile High City.

The ban covers billboards, posters, bus benches, windshield leaflets and sign-twirlers, reports John Ingold of The Denver Post.

The unanimous vote took less than a minute. The council then voted -- again unanimously -- to kill an alternative plan which was more limited, and would have only banned outdoor medical marijuana ads within 1,000 feet of schools, daycare centers and parks.

Los Angeles Sued Over Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban

The city council in July unanimously(!) passed an ordinance that bans dispensaries, Andrew Chow reports at FindLaw. More than 760 medicinal cannabis access points were registered at that time to operate in L.A.

The city has sent letters out to more than a thousand locations believed to be pot clubs, warning them about potential fines and even jail time if they don't close down by the deadline.

2 Anaheim pot shops raided, 66 in La Habra and Anaheim warned by feds

Federal Government Files Three More Lawsuits Against Medical Marijuana Dispensary Property Owners

The federal government raided two medical marijuana dispensaries in Orange County yesterday morning, in conjunction with three lawsuits filed against property owners where the dispensaries were located. 

Arkansas To Vote On Medical Marijuana In November

How to grow weed pot cannabis medical marijuana 420 

Election officials today gave ballot approval to a medical marijuana initiative in Arkansas. There’s obviously still a campaign that needs to be run, but regardless of what happens down the road, today is a BIG day in Arkansas! Congratulations to Arkansans for Compassionate Care for turning in the required 62,507 valid signatures (with more to spare).


Study Finds Clear Evidence That Cannabinoids Can Help Treat Various Medical Conditions

Scientific findings from over 100 controlled clinical trials involving either cannabis or its constituents provide “clear evidence that cannabinoids are useful for the treatment of various medical conditions,” according to a just published review in the German scientific journal Deutsches Ă„rzteblatt International.Investigators from the nova-Institute and the Hannover Medical School in Germany reviewed over 100 controlled trials assessing the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabinoids.


Upcoming Article "What Do We Tell Our Kids About Cannabis"

Hash brownies how to make pot cannabis weed edibles kush prop 215

Upcoming Article "What Do We Tell Our Kids About Cannabis"
will be written to help myself find the answers I feel represent an unbias truth about weed.
The way in which our govt has knowingly lied about marijuana and its effects for a number of years is a real life lesson for our youth.
We truly live in a magnificent country. However our elected officials and "the system" have a dark side young people should be made aware of.
Im not a big conspiracy guy but they do exist and the more one knows the better equiped they are to deal.
My son is 12. I planned on waiting to start having these meaningful father to son meaning of life type talks but my dad died when i was 14. I was just thinking the other day, wow i bet my dad had a bunch of stuff he was going to talk to me about, but he passed before he could. I want to tell my son everything ive learned so he may use my experiences to somehow aide his life choices and so that he hears it all straight no BS.
So why not start with a plant that improves the lifes of many, clearly has medical value, and is safer than tobacco and alcohol. But Big Daddy DEA lies has lied and will prob continue to lie about cannabis.

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Congratulations Petaluma Little League Team Victorious In Williamsport

Congratulations Petaluma Little League Team Victorious In Williamsport

Big big congrats to the hottest team in tha Bay, the Petaluma Little League team won their game today at the Little League World Series.
Man I wish I had the money to cover that. Man I wish I had money for anything shit.

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Hash Is Better

I havent smoked buds in awhile. Hash is better, oil too.

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Never Make BHO or Acetone Hash Oil Indoors

BHO Honey Oil Hashish Oil Cannabis Concentrates Marijuana How To Weed 420

When you guys are at home making hash oil with butane or acetone or any other solvent you must perform the extraction outside in a well ventilated area.
NOT under a porch or overhang as this has been known to trap gas and has killed people.
Purge outside never inside. Even when I shake up my hash with acetone I do it outdoors.

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Medical Cannabis Research: What Does the Evidence Say?

Health and Human Services claims that "marijuana has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States." However, more than 6,500 reports and journal articles from around the world support the medical value of cannabis (marijuana). In addition, dozens of public health organizations have endorsed medical use of marijuana including the National Association of People Living With AIDS, AIDS Action Council, the American Public Health Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Nurses Association, the Federation of American Scientists, Kaiser Permanente, the New England Journal of Medicine, the National Association for Public Health Policy, the California Medical Association, the Whitman- Walker Clinic, the Lymphoma Foundation of America, and many more.
Here is an overview of the latest research.

Federal Legislation Introduced to End Asset Forfeiture Against Medical Cannabis Providers

Action Alert

Take Action Federal Legislation Introduced to End Asset Forfeiture Against Medical Cannabis Providers

Legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives that aims to end the federal government's use of asset forfeiture to sanction those who produce or dispense marijuana in states that have legalized its therapeutic use.

Evaluation and Rating of Oakland 420 Evaluations

Evaluation and rating of Oakland 420 Evaluations.

I will be evaluating and rating many Bay Area dispensaries, collectives, and delivery services in the near future and posting my results here for all to read.
The dispensaries and those organizations providing medicine will face a tough critic in myself. I will favor none and be honest about all of my experiences. I have an extensive background in retail management and have ran several business.
As a consultant I provided detailed evaluations to CEO's so I think I'm well qualified and can provide a sound opinion other patients in the Bay Area will be able to trust.

Marijuana field ripped in Cosumnes River Preserve

THORNTON - Wardens with the California Department of Fish and Game spent the weekend cleaning up a major illegal marijuana field in a wildlife refuge along the Sacramento/San Joaquin county line.
The pot bust netted thousands of mature plants, tons of garbage and one arrest.
Fifteen game wardens from throughout the region spent 12 hours Sunday cutting down 2,000 marijuana plants in the Cosumnes River Preserve near New Hope Road and Bear Slough, roughly three miles northeast of Thornton and just inside Sacramento County.

Is it legal to sell pot on Craigslist?

Santa Rosa detectives were surfing Craigslist one day when they came across a “for sale” posting that caught their attention.
Someone was offering top-shelf marijuana — described as “crystal-laden” and “very distinctly scented” — for $2,700 a pound.
The post came under a banner citing Prop. 215, the voter-approved initiative allowing Californians with a doctor's recommendation to possess and use pot.

Petaluma drops bid to regulate indoor grow sites

 Medical marijuana pot weed 420 grow cannabis hash kush

Despite indoor marijuana-growing operations having been the source of numerous local fires in recent years, city efforts to create an ordinance regulating these gardens have died due to the ongoing conflict between state and federal law.
While the state of California allows the use of medicinal marijuana and the cultivation of the plant, the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. Because of this, public safety officials have realized that regulating marijuana cultivation is not currently possible, Janelle Wetzstein reports in the Argus-Courier.


Berkeley Patients Group finds new home on San Pablo Ave

[Article is updated at the bottom.]
Three months after the federal government forced it from its long-term home on San Pablo Avenue, the Berkeley Patients Group has found a new location just a few blocks away.
Construction crews have been working to transform a small, dilapidated one-story building at 2366 San Pablo Avenue near Channing Way into BPG’s new dispensary. On Wednesday, a bulldozer was breaking up an asphalt parking lot and workers were hauling away debris.


Medical Marijuana Patients Get Their Day In Federal Court With The Obama Administration

D.C. Circuit To Hear Oral Arguments This October In Lawsuit Challenging Marijuana’s Federal Classification

Late last week, the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit agreed to hear oral arguments in Americans for Safe Access v. Drug Enforcement Administration, a lawsuit challenging the federal government’s classification of marijuana as a dangerous drug with no medical value. Ten years after the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis (CRC) filed its petition, the courts will finally review the scientific evidence regarding the therapeutic value of marijuana. The D.C. Circuit is scheduled to hear oral arguments on October 16th at 9:30am.

Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana

Doobons.Com Calls For Donations To Help Four Year Old Cancer Patient

Donate Cannabis Oil to Help A Suffering Four Year Old Cancer Patient In Montana

Medical marijuana resource Doobons.com is calling for donations of cannabis oil to help a 4-year-old child suffering from cancer in Montana.