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Responsible Adult Cannabis Users Must Set Example For Future Stoners

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Adult cannabis users have a responsibility to show younger users how to enjoy this wonderful plant in a responsible manner.
Whatever that is to each one of you, take it seriously.
A family member of mine, 15 years of age, started smoking marijuana recently. So what should I say to him. Well, that's between me and him to be honest but it might go something like this:
Your too young to be smoking weed. Really your too young to truly enjoy what it has to offer. But since I know your going to smoke weed anyways look be smart about it.
Don't take huge massive rips to impress your friends, take a nice size rip but don't over do it. Smoke then evaluate. Am I stoned? Stoners way too often blaze bowl after bowl never stopping to see if they can feel the effects.
Pace yourself with concentrates. They can be very unhealthy if made improperly, Use a vaporizer because smoking is stupid. Period. Your Gen should be vaping.
Respect the good herb and take it easy. Cannabis is best enjoyed when it is not abused.

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