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Redding Can't Ban Medical Marijuana Collectives Any Longer

Redding’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries doesn’t have court backing after a Shasta County Superior Court judge Wednesday denied the city’s request for an order for the storefronts to close.


Shambhala Healing Center Latest Victim of Federal Crackdown on Medical Marijuana

The federal crackdown on medical marijuana has reached into San Francisco. The city had escaped the Feds target up until March 1.
"Three days ago, we received the devastating news that U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag has threatened Shambhala Healing Center's landlord with property forfeiture, fines, and/or imprisonment if we do not close within 45 days. ... These threats are based on federal laws against cannabis and Shambhala's proximity to the Jose Coronado Playground at 21st & Folsom." Shambhala is asking patients to contact local officials.

A Shambhala cut of Blue Dream

Over at their website: "Shambhala waited 18 months [before] opening and is a legal permitted medical marijuana dispensary."
-"San Francisco’s planning commission sent surveyors to ask the community if they objected to Shambhala’s opening and it was not opposed."

-"The fastest route from Shambhala to the playground is approximately 1600 feet, since we are not yet able to walk through buildings or fly."

Speaking of flight, Shambhala had great ones. Magic Carpet, you will be missed.

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Vallejo Police Ignore State Law Close 2nd Dispensary

A second Vallejo pot club has been shut down in what police now say is an ongoing crackdown on the city's 20 or more storefront dispensaries.

Update on Greenwell Collective and Matt Shotwell

Just a quick review: On the morning of February 21, 2012 the Vallejo Police Department, in conjunction with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), Solano County Narcotics division and the California State Board of Equalization arrested the owner of the Greenwell Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Marin St. in downtown Vallejo. Up until that point Matt Shotwell had seemingly played by the rules.


Letter From A Patient of Raided Greenwell Cooperative

I am so upset with the City of Vallejo and how they have their priorities all messed up. I have a medical marijuana card due to many problems -- brain tumor, degenerative osteoarthritis with multiple surgeries, and other issues. My husband and I tried multiple times to grow our own only to be repeatedly robbed.


Feds Arrest Owner of My Favorite Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Matt Shotwell, preprietor of Greenwell Cooperative in Vallejo, is escorted to a Vallejo police car by Cpl. Rich Bottello, right, and Officer Felipe Hernandez as he is transported to the Solano County Jail in Fairfield Tuesday night. The marijuana dispensary was raided Tuesday morning by Vallejo, county, state and federal agencies. (Mike Jory/Times-Herald)


Feds Looking To Seize Building Of Sacramento Dispensary

U.S. authorities filed suit Thursday seeking to seize the building of a Sacramento dispensary, charging the marijuana store violated federal laws against drug transactions near schools.

The forfeiture complaint filed over the Sacramento Holistic Healing Center – a Southside Park dispensary also known as "Grass on 10th" – marks the first formal federal seizure action against a medical marijuana outlet in the city.


Pack Ruling Threatens Mendocino Cultivation Law

The one-of-a-kind cooperation between medical marijuana growers and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department — which legitimized cannabis cultivation in the eyes of the law and saved the jobs of deputies facing layoffs — is at risk, pending the outcome of a court case.

Since 2010, Mendocino County marijuana growers with a doctor’s recommendation have been permitted to license plants with Sheriff Tom Allman’s department, Chris Roberts reports in S.F. Weekly. Growers wishing to cultivate up to 99 plants must pay the Sheriff’s Department an inspection fee and a $50 per-plant permit fee under chapter 9.31 of the Mendocino County Code. In return, growers receive zip-ties that mark each of their 99 plants as certified legal, and the promise that the inspected medical marijuana crop won’t be raided by local law enforcement.

Arcata Council Passes Ban On New Dispensaries

Confusion took center stage Wednesday night at the Arcata City Council meeting with the council ultimately voting to move forward with a medical marijuana dispensary moratorium that would not affect any existing dispensaries.

The meeting ended with new clarity over the city’s proposed temporary hold on processing applications for new medical marijuana cooperatives and collectives, not personal use grows. Staff will return to the council with a draft moratorium, Donna Tam reports in the Eureka Times-Standard.

L.A. Times: Too late for city to close dispensaries

City Councilman Jose Huizar is asking his colleagues to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. It’s a great idea. Or rather, it would have been a great idea three or four years ago — before the city purported to regulate the storefront cannabis-selling shops. The idea would not be to ban dispensaries forever but to track court rulings, determine what regulations are and are not allowable, and then construct a smart and enforceable ordinance.

But it’s too late for that now, this Los Angeles Times editorial concludes. L.A. city government took its seat on a legal roller coaster when it first signaled that it couldn’t or wouldn’t block dispensaries from opening, then stayed for a second ride when it adopted and tried to enforce ordinances regulating where and when purveyors could operate. There’s no getting off now. This city is in the front car for the duration.

San Jose Mayor Seeks Comprise On Dispensaries

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said Tuesday he would consider softening the city’s recently approved medical marijuana ordinance after critics succeeded in qualifying a referendum to repeal the new rules.

The ordinance the City Council approved in September would shrink the number of medical marijuana collectives allowed in the city from more than 100 to just 10, in addition to requiring them to grow all of the marijuana they distribute on site.