If you think tha green (kind) only be about tha green (backs) you can't get on my scene.
Greed and weed do not mix well, respect da kine bruddah!

Willie Big Head

I hate it when dudes be goin "Willie Big Head niga" on a playa. You can't know tha scope of what one has to offer without takin tha time.
Shit, I prob got mo game than you.


I love you Mary Jane

No lady been as good to me as that fine sweet thang Mary Jane. That's real spit


Trying Out SpeedyWeedy Delivery Service Today

Speedyweedyrx.org is a medical marijuana delivery service in the SF Bay Area. I finally am going to place an order because of their promo today "Buy 3 Get One Free" special. I know first hand their medicine is top notch but their prices are on the high end of high.
Anyhow I ordered the "Ganja Glycerin" at $20 for each little bottle. They say a few drops under the tongue should do the trick. I was told a driver could be at my house with my order by 6:30pm or 7pm tonight. Cool same day service and the guys who work there are very helpful.
I will report back after the delivery and I have a chance to sample the medicine.

All Charges Dropped Against Matt Shotwell, Greenwell Cooperative

All charges have been dropped in the case involving Matt Shotwell owner of Greenwell Cooperative the best dispensary to serve Vallejo and Solano County. I never made it there, I got my medical marijuana recommendation the day they were raided! Damn I'd referred a gang of peeps there I would have had a least a zip for those referrals man...however I digress.

Congrats to Matt for hanging tough and throwing up a big finger to the man.