Dispensaries Offering Freebies For Weedmaps Reviews

Offering free cannabis to your patients in exchange for them giving you a review on Weedmaps should be a no no for dispensaries. Some even require you to place another order to get your freebie.
So you not only have to give a review you have to give the dispensary money.
I'm gonna give a review and tell Weedmaps that my club is doing some janky shit.



I smoke more #weed before 7 a.m. than most people smoke all day

Murderers Pay Their Debts

You debt will soon be paid for your transgressions. The cycle ends with you. No more lives taken and disrupted.

"Retaliation is a must where I come from"
"You must retaliate before you cry"


Singing to Your Weed

Am I the only one who sings love songs to their #weed #reefer #marijuana



Like a young Andre Hicks I like my kind rolled up in a Backwoods wrapper.


Tethering For Free

Got some oil on top of the Vapor Genie and OG Kush below setup free WiFi tethering on my HTC Evo 4G V. Don't tell Virgin...lol