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Forced To Choose Opiates or Cannabis

I recently decided to take advantage of Obamacare and signed up for health care so that I can see a doctor for my back. (Long overdue)
I have been suffering from debilatating back pain the past few years and have not sought any medical treatment. I also blew out my knee which hastened my call to medical professionals.
I was asked how I had been coping with the pain I mentioned I sometimes used cannabis to aid in pain relief. Immediately I was told that I would not be able to receive any pain medication if I smoked cannabis.
Now in California where I live marijuana has been legal for medicinal use since 1996.
Clinic Ole has a policy that chronic pain patients must sign a contract that states in part the patient may be drug tested and must pass to be able to get their pain meds.
So I have to give up the only medication that I have used most of my life. I chose weed because it is the safest drug out there that works for me on several different issues. Cannabis helps my anxiety and depression, my appetite, my libido, its anti-cancer, non addictive (physically), it helps me cope with the daily pain it doesn't get rid of it completely but makes the pain manageable. Well until recently, or um the past 5 years.
My doc doesn't care that it has been proven cannabis enhances opiates to the point the patient can normally find relief using 50 percent less opiates than prescribed. She also doesn't care that pot has been proven time and time again to be a health benefit rather than a risk.
It sounds like I'm dealing with a new dealer. And this new dope dealer is telling me that if I want his dope I can oonly buy his shit.
My doc knows how much pain I am in and I do think she wants to be able to prescribe me much needed pain meds but Clinic Ole has a dumbass policy that is not based on medicine.
Give up weed so I can get on opiates?
Fuck no y'all must be trippin I ain't never gonna stop smokin weed.