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43% Of Marijuana Patients Say Organic Cannabis Is Essential

panama red DSCN4597.jpg
No Longer Sad
This fine cola of Panama Red was grown organically in a greenhouse in Washington state.
Don't be afraid to ask for organic marijuana -- you have plenty of company. According to a new research study, twice as many medicinal cannabis patients said organic marijuana -- not discount pricing -- is their most critical consideration when selecting a dispensary.


Subcools Super Soil Recipe

To me there is nothing like the flavor of properly grown organic cannabis. The subtle flavors and aromas created when using mother earth is over whelming to the senses when done properly.
As with many vegetables a rich Organic soil can bring out the best in a plant. Over the past 20 years I have tried almost every possible way to cultivate our favorite plant and while hydro is certainly faster and the yields blow soil away, I have developed a soil that performs extremely well and there’s very little guess work. I don’t worry about ph or ppm I simply have spent a few years developing a sound recipe and in combination with 7 gallon nursery pots I can run from start to finish using only water. Other than a bit of sweat equity every 90 days or so it takes a huge amount of science out of the garden and puts nature back in charge. This recipe is slightly different from my last and from the one so many use as gospel that I have passed around for years from grower to grower.