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Oaksterdam Rain in Progress by Feds

Oaksterdam University in Oakland in currently being raided by DEA, IRS, and other agencies. I'll post more info as it becomes available.

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U.S. Using Unmanned Drones Against Marijuana Smugglers

Program Costs Taxpayers
$​2,608 Per Seized Pound of Marijuana

U.S. border patrol agents are using drones -- the same type used to fight the Afghanistan war -- to locate illegal shipments of marijuana being smuggled across the Mexican/American border.

But based on the federal government's own statistics, it remains to be seen if use of the expensive, unmanned aircraft to supposedly halt the flow of weed into the United States can be financially justified, reports Noel Brinkerhoff at AllGov.


Feds Crack Down on Colorado Med Pot Dispensaries

Colorado -- Federal prosecutors in Colorado launched a crackdown on Thursday against nearly two dozen medical marijuana dispensaries located within 1,000 feet of schools, giving the proprietors 45 days to cease operations or face civil and criminal penalties.

U.S. Attorney John Walsh issued the ultimatum in letters to 23 dispensaries and landlords he said were in violation of federal and state law, a statement from the U.S. Justice Department said.