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Vallejo Cops Return 60 Pounds of Weed To Two Diapensaries Because They Are Stupid

Police Return 60 Pounds Of Medical Marijuana To Two Exonerated Vallejo Dispensaries

Selling cannabis on a not for profit basis thru a collective/store front dispensary has been legal in Cali for quite awhile now guys learn the fucking laws before you start arresting people. And listen to what your city wants, the citizens are OK with pot clubs. Damn.


Redding Can't Ban Medical Marijuana Collectives Any Longer

Redding’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries doesn’t have court backing after a Shasta County Superior Court judge Wednesday denied the city’s request for an order for the storefronts to close.


Two more operators of medical marijuana clinics in Vallejo enter not guilty pleas

FAIRFIELD -- Two more Vallejo medical marijuana dispensary operators appeared in court Tuesday as part of the city's and district attorney's ongoing crackdown on pot shops.
David Garcia-Flores, 24, of Fairfield, and Douglas Hernandez, 25, of Vallejo, both pleaded not guilty to numerous state drug charges. They entered their pleas separately in front of Solano County Supreme Court Commissioner William J. Pendergast.


Deadline nears for Fresno pot shops to shut down

 Fresno Dispensaries Must Shut Doors
- The Fresno Bee
Jordan Vas bought a marijuana plant last month for his home in Parlier. He admits he doesn't have a green thumb, but tending his own crop is his strategy for getting marijuana in the wake of the Fresno County ban on dispensaries.
"I've never grown anything in my life," said Vas, who has long bought pot at a dispensary for back pain. "But now there's no other way."
This week marks the end of the grace period for 15 or so medical marijuana dispensaries that were given six months to shut down after Fresno County's prohibition took effect.
With most shops pledging to close, if they haven't already, thousands of users have begun looking for other ways to get the drug.
Many were in lines that formed outside the remaining dispensaries the past two weeks, stocking up while they could. Some were drawn to closeout promotions, such as markdowns on Mr. Nice and Blue Dream marijuana strains or raffles that promised free medicine.


Nevada's Distribution Law Declared Unconstitutional

Las Vegas -- In a decision destined for appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, a state court judge has ruled the state's medical marijuana distribution law is unconstitutional.

Court Rules Cities Can't Ban Dispensaries and Must Grow Their Own

Los Angeles -- California cities may not ban medical marijuana dispensaries, but the operations may sell only weed that is grown on site, an appeals court ruled in an Orange County case.


U.S. States Attorney Says Dispensary Profits Pissed Him Off

The United States attorney for California's Eastern District, Benjamin Wagner, broke his silence regarding his office's near-five-month old crackdown on California dispensaries Friday, in an interview with the national editor of the Hearst Newspapers Washington Bureau.


Rhode Island Gov., Legislature Agree Marijuana Dispensaries

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and the Legislature on Thursday agreed to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the state after negotiating a compromise. Chafee had blocked the dispensaries from opening, fearing they would violate federal law and result in DEA raids in the state.

Three dispensaries already picked by the state to distribute medicinal cannabis could open soon after the General Assembly endorses the compromise, reports the Associated Press.


California Court Decision Affirms Legality Of Storefront Dispensaries

The California Court of Appeal issued a landmark published decision last week affirming the legality of storefront dispensaries and rejecting the argument that every member of a collective or cooperative must participate in the cultivation. Didn’t hear about the ruling? Maybe because the decision came from the Second Appellate District in Los Angeles, the domain of District Attorney Steve Cooley and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, famously intolerant to medical marijuana dispensaries. It would be an understatement to say that the ruling jabs a large thorn into both of their sides. You’ll certainly see no publicity from their corner.
The case People v. Colvin involves William Frank Colvin, the operator of Hollywood Holistic Inc., who was arrested while lawfully transporting a pound of medical marijuana from one collective he operates to another. Even while acknowledging that Colvin was operating a legitimate dispensary, the trial court denied him a defense on the grounds that transportation of medical marijuana was illegal under state law. After being denied a defense, Colvin was convicted.


Citizens Urged To Report Dispensaries To IRS For Cash Rewards

​The extremist anti-drug group Coalition for a Drug Free California (CDFC) has encouraged citizens from around the state and nation to become dispensary whistle-blowers.

"By simply reporting a pot store to the IRS, average citizens who are fed up with these domestic marijuana cartels can now fill out a very simple form," said Dr. Paul Chabot, founder of the CDFC. "If the IRS takes action and fines the pot store, the whistle-blower, by law is entitled to a 30 percent cash award."


S.F. Marijuana Dispensaries Annual Sales Estimate: $41 Million

In an unprecedented analysis of sales tax revenue from the sale of medical marijuana at city dispensaries, the San Francisco controller's office has estimated annual sales of medicinal cannabis at $41 million.

San Francisco's roughly two dozen licensed collectives must pay the city's 8.5 percent sales tax rate, coming from California's 7.25 percent sales tax with a local one percent sales tax going to S.F.'s general fund, and a .25 percent sales tax that goes to other areas like transportation, reports David Downs at the East Bay Express.


Humboldt supervisors extend marijuana dispensary moratorium. discuss future outdoor medical marijuana growing ordinance

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted unanimously to extend a temporary moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries for an additional 10 months and 15 days. The supervisors also added language to the ordinance that is meant to protect existing dispensaries from closure.
Assistant County Counsel Carolyn Ruth said there are currently three medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the county. The Humboldt County Collective has a conditional use permit with no time limit, Redwood Legacy LLC has a two-year permit and the Hummingbird Healing Center has a one-year permit. Ruth said the moratorium's extension will affect the Hummingbird Healing Center.


S.F. Green Lights Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits Again

San Francisco has begun issuing medical marijuana dispensary licenses again, following a recent state Supreme court decision that will allow local pot dispensaries to do business -- for now.

The city's Medical Cannabis Act permitting process had been on hold for several months, following a state appeals court ruling in Pack vs. Long Beach. The ruling said that city or county laws regulating medical marijuana violated federal law; the decision led cities and counties throughout the state to suspend, reconsider, or repeal their regulatory schemes.


Feds Crack Down on Colorado Med Pot Dispensaries

Colorado -- Federal prosecutors in Colorado launched a crackdown on Thursday against nearly two dozen medical marijuana dispensaries located within 1,000 feet of schools, giving the proprietors 45 days to cease operations or face civil and criminal penalties.

U.S. Attorney John Walsh issued the ultimatum in letters to 23 dispensaries and landlords he said were in violation of federal and state law, a statement from the U.S. Justice Department said.


San Francisco Not Issuing Any New Permits for Pot Clubs

San Francisco, the hotbed of marijuana law reform, has frozen medical cannabis dispensary permitting this winter as the City — and dozens of others across the state — nervously await a decision by the California Supreme Court on the very legality of such permits.

Nine groups that are seeking permits to open new San Francisco clubs — mostly in the Mission — have been caught in limbo, the Department of Public Health told Legalization Nation. San Francisco currently has 26 permitted dispensaries. However, an October decision by California's Second District Court of Appeals, in the case of Pack v. Superior Court, states that local regulations — such as permits and fees — are preempted by federal drug law.