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All Charges Dropped Against Matt Shotwell, Greenwell Cooperative

All charges have been dropped in the case involving Matt Shotwell owner of Greenwell Cooperative the best dispensary to serve Vallejo and Solano County. I never made it there, I got my medical marijuana recommendation the day they were raided! Damn I'd referred a gang of peeps there I would have had a least a zip for those referrals man...however I digress.

Congrats to Matt for hanging tough and throwing up a big finger to the man.


Matt Shotwell Do You Have A Minute For The Little People?

Matt Shotwell Greenwell Cooperative I have been trying to get in touch with you. I've tried several ways but nada.


Two more operators of medical marijuana clinics in Vallejo enter not guilty pleas

FAIRFIELD -- Two more Vallejo medical marijuana dispensary operators appeared in court Tuesday as part of the city's and district attorney's ongoing crackdown on pot shops.
David Garcia-Flores, 24, of Fairfield, and Douglas Hernandez, 25, of Vallejo, both pleaded not guilty to numerous state drug charges. They entered their pleas separately in front of Solano County Supreme Court Commissioner William J. Pendergast.



Update on Greenwell Collective and Matt Shotwell

Just a quick review: On the morning of February 21, 2012 the Vallejo Police Department, in conjunction with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), Solano County Narcotics division and the California State Board of Equalization arrested the owner of the Greenwell Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Marin St. in downtown Vallejo. Up until that point Matt Shotwell had seemingly played by the rules.


Letter From A Patient of Raided Greenwell Cooperative

I am so upset with the City of Vallejo and how they have their priorities all messed up. I have a medical marijuana card due to many problems -- brain tumor, degenerative osteoarthritis with multiple surgeries, and other issues. My husband and I tried multiple times to grow our own only to be repeatedly robbed.


Vallejo Police Snitched To Feds About Greenwell Cooperative

Wow! The Vallejo police department, DEA, State Equalization Tax Board and other agencies really fucked up when they raided Greenwell Cooperative in Vallejo last Tuesday.

They also arrested Greenwell's founder and owner Matt Shotwell. Twice. Ya the VPD had to rearrest Shotwell because their fucking idiots and had a clerical error the first time. Yeah I said it.

Greenwell Cooperative raid raises questions about timing

Months before Vallejo voters overwhelmingly approved taxing pot dispensaries as a first step toward regulating them, the police department set a chain of events in motion that would lead to a raid Tuesday of one of the city's most prominent clubs.
Vallejo police Lt. Ken Weaver said Wednesday that Chief Robert Nichelini reached out to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration late last summer for help in going after a local dispensary. Nichelini had deferred all comment to Weaver, calling him the "point of contact" in the case.

Feds Arrest Owner of My Favorite Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Matt Shotwell, preprietor of Greenwell Cooperative in Vallejo, is escorted to a Vallejo police car by Cpl. Rich Bottello, right, and Officer Felipe Hernandez as he is transported to the Solano County Jail in Fairfield Tuesday night. The marijuana dispensary was raided Tuesday morning by Vallejo, county, state and federal agencies. (Mike Jory/Times-Herald)