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Sacramento Group Files Medical Marijuana Act; Will Gather Signatures

The Patient Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 has been filed with Sacramento County Elections Office and will begin gathering signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

Medical cannabis patients, providers, activists and supporters in Sacramento County, California have come together in an effort to qualify a measure for the November 2012 ballot that will establish a reasonable and controlled system for qualified patients to access their medicine.

Over the past two years, medical cannabis advocates said they have attempted to work with Sacramento County officials to develop a regulatory system that would allow for safe access points throughout the unincorporated areas of the County.


Feds Looking To Seize Building Of Sacramento Dispensary

U.S. authorities filed suit Thursday seeking to seize the building of a Sacramento dispensary, charging the marijuana store violated federal laws against drug transactions near schools.

The forfeiture complaint filed over the Sacramento Holistic Healing Center – a Southside Park dispensary also known as "Grass on 10th" – marks the first formal federal seizure action against a medical marijuana outlet in the city.